Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ms. Tayler Ball

First off let me just say Thank You you to Ms. Tayler Ball and Ms. Kaylee Renda! Tayler came through last minute, trekked down a hill of rocks in heels, and stood in FREEZING cold water with me. Kaylee once again did a fantastic job with make-up, hair, and styling the shoot for me. Hats off to you ladies. Keep an eye out for Tayler on Channel 3 tomorrow! Best of luck to you both, and thank you a ton!



Anonymous said...

Well thank you Evan :)
You are an amazing photographer, I am confident that you will go far.

Pleasure working with you.
Keep me in mind for future shoots.

Thanks again!

NaNa said...

this is gorgeous

Lamar said...

Your work is still amazing

Tayler said...

wow these are really good, she is gorgeous and spells her name just like me :) great blog!